South west wales now covered by Kingsbury Tankers.

2 x Kingsbury deliveries at a busy transport hub

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Email: Kingsburytankers@hotmail.com

       Job Vacancies

       November 2021

1 x experienced fuel tanker class 1 driver based in Tamworth staffs 3pm starts mon-fri

1xweekend driver 

Also looking for semi retired / part time cover 

please send C.V


                                                             Fuel Oil Delivery specialists.

   Kingsbury Tankers Limited

we are here to assist your every need

we offer a 24 hr delivery service.

We operate Artics 44 tons

Our Tankers are 6 pot & we can carry The Following:

petrol - Diesel - Gas Oil & Kerosene.

Contract Hire

Spot Hire

Emergency Deliveries

D.C.D - Forecourts - Ect.

 family business

Family owned and operated.

Est: 2014